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Rock Throw & Beast Toss

Rock Throw is a single tech performed by Ayla; Beast Toss is a double tech performed by Ayla and Robo (if playing with Duplicate Characters and Duplicate Double Techs enabled, two Aylas with Rock Throw may also use Beast Toss together).

Beast Toss, especially, is a powerful single-target physical tech. However, some enemies - perhaps due to being heavy or flying - are immune to Rock Throw/Beast Toss.

On the other hand, there exist monsters - including some bosses - that don't have that immunity built in, perhaps because in vanilla Ayla wouldn't have been available anyway.

Below you'll see tables of the enemies which cannot be harmed by Rock Throw or Beast Toss either in whole or in part. If a multipart boss has varying immunities to throws, that is noted in the table.

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Enemies Immune to Toss/Throw

Enemy Location
Avian Chaos Guardia Forest (1000)
Roly Rider Truce Canyon
Guardia Forest (600)
Imp Ace Truce Canyon
Blue Shield/Yodu De Guardia Prison
Bantam Imp Mt. Woe
Sentry Northern Ruins
Incognito/Peepingdoom Black Omen
Panel Black Omen

Bosses Immune to Toss/Throw

Boss Location Notes
Dragon Tank Guardia Prison All parts immune
Guardian Arris Dome Bits not immune
Ozzie & Chains Magus's Castle Ozzie not immune, but won't be damaged.*
Black Tyrano Tyrano Lair
Giga Gaia Mt. Woe Only head immune
Retinite Sunken Desert Top can be thrown; core and legs cannot
Rust Tyrano Giant's Claw
Mother Brain & Displays Geno Dome All parts immune
Lavos 1 Ocean Palace
1999 AD
Lavos 2 ??? All parts immune
Lavos 3 ??? All parts immune
Lavos Spawn Death Peak All parts immune
Lavos Spawn (Elder) Black Omen All parts immune
Mammon Machine Black Omen
Zeal 2 Black Omen All parts immune

*still funny though

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