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Useful Tips

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This is a list of tips, tricks, and other useful information that wouldn't be found anywhere else or are worth pulling out and drawing attention to.


When triggering the Zenan Bridge battles, you'll receive a full-party heal. There is no need to use a Shelter before entering Guardia Castle and speaking to the Cook.

In Tyrano Lair, to quickly clear the room with the warping floor tiles, hold up and left from the entrance.

If in the Ocean Palace you aren't strong enough to defeat Lavos's first form or feel you need to shop more, you can let it defeat you - as intended in vanilla - and then either enter the bucket at the End of Time to re-engage it or crash the Epoch into the shell to skip this phase entirely (obviously, crashing the Epoch is faster, but the save point inside Lavos will not be available in this case).

On the Black Omen's two elevators, you will randomly engage in 0-3 battles apiece. These are no longer randomized within the same seed: all players will fight the same elevator battles.

Equipment and Treasure

At Lucca's house you can get good items from Taban after clearing certain quests: Reforging the Masamune is one, and picking up the charged Sun Stone is the other.


At the start of the game, your first battle is guaranteed several critical hits. This is because every seed generates a never-before-played copy of the game, and the random number generator is not truly random. Instead it uses how many times the game has been reset or rebooted to determine its “random” values. In the first battle, of the player character turns, the character who goes second and fourth will land critical hits.

Zenan Bridge If you don't have the magical prowess to clear the skeletons in battle, three attacks against Ozzie (damage doesn't matter, just hit him three times) will end the fight.

At the end of battles, you can hold “A” to quickly skip through the end-of-battle messages. No need to mash.

Double and Triple techs can't miss. This can greatly benefit characters with lower hit stats like Crono and Robo.

When playing with battle memory cursor, use the X (menu) button to automatically register an auto-attack. Holding it down will automatically attack the default enemy without needing to mash; pressing it once will select auto-attack and allow you to choose the target before pressing again.

ATB Penalty: Double and Triple techs impede the next ATB bar of one or more participants. This feature was not implemented exactly as intended and is worth learning about.

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