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People enjoy playing Jets of Time in different ways, and sometimes set restrictions for play. These different styles comprise several things:

  • A set of flags for the randomizer
  • Rules on the goals for the run and when to stop the timer

Some categories are also Presets on the web/executable generators.

Standard Goals

These modes follow the usual Go Modes and start the player with access to 600AD and 1,000AD. Players search for Key Items with Checks to find a Go Mode and defeat one of the final bosses.

Race Flags: n,g,z,p,te - This is usually considered the most standard set of flags.

Boss Randomization: n,g,ro,z,p,te - Most bosses in game are randomized and buffed/debuffed based off the location they spawn in.

Chronosanity: n,g,z,p,te,cr - Key items can be found in chests as well as from checks, but usually only one key item per area.

Hard: h,g,b,c,tex - Hard mode makes drops less valuable, enemies harder, scales bosses by the importance of their key items, adds extra requirements for some character checks, and uses the 'balanced random' tech randomization that puts more valuable techs later in the list. This category contains the flag for “Hard” difficulty (h), but to play the category you must use the entire flagset.

Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds starts players with access to 2,300AD, 12,000BC and 65,000,000BC instead of the usual. There are fewer key items and checks (5) as only Ruby Knife, Dreamstone, C. Trigger, Clone, and Pendant are relevant. Characters start at level 15 with 3 techs. Only the Tyrano Lair and Black Omen go modes are available.

Because the player begins with access to the Future, Lost Worlds has a feature which charges the Pendant immediately upon receiving it so that sealed doors may be opened.

Lost Worlds: n,g,l,z,p,te

Lost Worlds+: n,g,l,z,p,te - In this mode, players must defeat both Zeal 2 in the Black Omen and Lavos in the Ocean Palace utilizing New Game+ for the second boss. They can be defeated in any order and knowledge from the first playthrough is used to quickly find key items in the second.

Novelty Modes

Crabsanity: n,g,z,p,te,cr,tb - The goal is to defeat Lavos or Zeal 2 by getting go mode items, as usual. Uses Chronosanity flag plus the “Make all treasures tabs” flag. The player gets much less gear, making shops more important, as well as getting a lot of tabs from chests.

Legacy of Cyrus: n,loc,g,z,p,m,te - The goal in this category is to find Magus and Frog, then use them in your party to complete Northern Ruins, Magus's Castle, and Ozzie's Fort. Time stops when the cat hits the switch behind Ozzie. The Future is inaccessible and some unnecessary key items have been removed,

Ice Age: n,loc,g,z,p,m,te - The goal in this category is to find Ayla and the Dactyl Nest character, then use them in your party to complete Tyranno Lair, followed by Mt Woe. Giga Gaia has received a buff in this mode.

Rock Hunt: e,g,p,m,te - The goal in this category is to find all 5 triple tech rocks, which are found in: Denadoro Mountains, Giant's Claw, Laruba Ruins, Kajar (Secret Nu Room), and the Black Omen. Time stops when you get the last rock after Terra Mutant.

Mystery Seed: ??? - Generate a seed with random flags. The game mode could be any of the ones listed here, and most of the flags may be turned on or off, or given weights to prioritize how often they are rolled.

Open Spoiler Log: ??? - Generate a seed with known or random flags. For a certain amount of time before the race begins (currently 5 minutes is standard), players may peruse the spoiler log as much as they like. They may also look at it while the race is on, but it is up to them to juggle the game and the log at this point. Players use the log to plot a path through the seed.

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