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Welcome to the Chrono Trigger: Jets of Time wiki. Use the links in the sidebar to learn more!

Jets of Time is an open-world Chrono Trigger randomizer. Begin with the winged Epoch and two characters and explore the world, finishing quests to unlock progress through key items and more characters! Built on a foundation of classic Chrono Trigger gameplay, Jets of Time is designed to produce swift seeds that can usually be completed in under 2:30:00.

Want to give it a try? See how to get started here. There are guides if you need help with your first seeds. Check out our community links too!

The web generator is here!

Jets of Time version 3.2 is now live!

Our long term beta is now over and Jets of Time version 3.2 is live! This version includes a number of new flags, new features, and bug fixes. Check the Github release page for a more detailed description of specific changes.

The web generator has been updated for version 3.2. The beta generator is back up at Expect bugs! See Beta for a list of updates.

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